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Vladimir Sedach

Check out SBook:


It's been around for a while doing much of what you want, and Simson Garfinkel recently stopped selling it and released the source code.


Thanks for the link, I already saw it in your del.icio.us.

However, for me it's "I must create a system or be enslav'd by another man's" :) (-- William Blake)

What I'm trying to do at this layer is slightly different from SBook: I'm not using "AI" techniques to recognize things, but rather try to define a simple-minded, easy-to-explain text syntax for entering arbitrary metadata documents.

An AI layer for recognizing things like document types, dates, people, places, etc would be layered on top of that basic formatting layer, and for that I'll have a look at SBook. (The General Architecture for Text Engineering is also quite good at this.)

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